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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™


car harnesses


These are useful if your car is too small for a crate, or if you have a crate in the back and need the facility for an extra dog on the back seat. These are crash tested harnesses, a big step up from the harnesses with plastic clips that were around in the 90s!

The sophisticated technical design was tested in a simulated rear-end collision with a speed greater than 55kph and a dog simulation dummy weighing 22kg. In addition to that it has been tested by TUV. The result: a tensile loading of up to 1000kg. The safety belt has also been tested by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute and by the Swedish District Veterinarian Department. The results of the tests show that the use of special padding and the wide chest harness has prevented dents on the dog simulation dummy.


Four sizes available:

Small (for dogs up to 15kg) £49.00 + £6.00 carriage

Medium (for dogs up to 30kg) £59.00 + £6.00 carriage

Large (for dogs up to 55 kg) £69.00 + £6.00 carriage

Extra large (for dogs over 55kg £79.00 + £6.00 carriage

Our model dobermann, Roxy, weighs slightly less than 30kg but needs the large harness.


Picture shows Roxy on the back seat of the car, with the harness attached to the seatbelt via a secure clip. For the purposes of the photograph she is lying on the car's pale leather upholstery, but needless to say when she's muddy after a walk there's a cover to protect the seat!

The car harness is useful if you haven't got space in your boot for a crate or if, like us, you have too many dogs to fit in the crate!

Our beautiful model Roxy died suddenly from Dilated Cardiomyopathy on 10/07/11, aged just six. We miss her cuddles, big character and permanently waggy stumpy. RIP gorgeous girl. x


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